Can I delete a duplicate OHIP/medical claim in HYPEMedical?

Can I delete a duplicate OHIP/medical claim in HYPEMedical?

Yes, you can; If your user account has the ClaimDelete permission.

A duplicate claim occurs when at least one service code for the same service date and health card number exists on two separate claims. Duplicate claims are sometimes allowed in HYPEMedical with the Save Claim Anyways check-mark.

If a duplicate claim exists, by mistake, a user requires the ClaimDelete permission (SysAdmin \ Manage Users \ Permissions) to delete it. Suppose your user account has the ClaimDelete permission. In that case, you will find that functionality in the Patients \ Patient Profile \ Services, Claim \ Claim Details or Claim \ Billing Cycle \ Results pages.

The example in the image below the patient profile, Patients \ Patient Profile \ Services, reveals two duplicate claims. To resolve the duplicate claim problem, delete either claim id 4536819 or 4536883. To delete, click the Action button of one of the duplicated claims and choose Delete All Items & Claim.

Suppose your user account does not have the ClaimDelete permission. Ask a more privileged user to delete it for you.

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