How do I delete an OHIP Claim?

How do I delete an OHIP Claim?

I billed the wrong patient, how do I delete that OHIP claim if I have already created a newer OHIP claim with the right patient?

In HYPEMedical, claim deletion is available in the three ‚Äčplaces where you would normally search for a claim:
  1. The Claim Details form:

  2. The billing cycle

  3. And the Patient Profile:

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    • Can I delete a duplicate OHIP/medical claim in HYPEMedical?

      Yes, you can; If your user account has the ClaimDelete permission. A duplicate claim occurs when at least one service code for the same service date and health card number exists on two separate claims. Duplicate claims are sometimes allowed in ...
    • Can I delete a rejected item in an otherwise PAID OHIP claim?

      Instructions for handling mixed status claims: Prerequisites: Ensure your user account has the necessary permissions to manage mixed status claims. A mixed status claim refers to a situation where service codes within a claim are not all in the same ...
    • How do I bill OHIP?

      Billing OHIP: Click the Claims button in the main menu, search for a patient, and hit Enter. Enter Service codes, and hit Enter. Search or create the next patient, hit Enter, and Go to step #1. Saving a claim for a new patient will also automatically ...
    • What outcomes can I expect for my claim submission to OHIP?

      There are four possible outcomes or scenarios: The Four Scenarios Most OHIP claims follow the ideal billing flow shown in the rightmost flow chart (Best Scenario). In the "Best Scenario" a Claim is entered and saved to the UNSUBMITTED status, then ...
    • Can I see a patient's billing history as I bill?

      Yes, up to 12 month of a patient's billing history is displayed directly on the bottom of the billing form. A patient's complete billing history is displayed one click away in the Patient History tab. The Patient History tab is searchable by date ...