How would I edit a claim I have just saved (Unsubmitted) or revise a Rejected claim?

Where can I find the claims I saved?

How would I edit a claim I have just saved (Unsubmitted) or revise a Rejected claim?

First step: go to Billing Cycle.

Hover over Claims in the main menu and click on Billing Cycle.

HYPEMedical will compile a list of Unsubmitted (Saved by the user) 

or Rejected (by OHIP) claims in the Billing Cycle.  

Second step: Search.

Billing Cycle Search

To find the claims you have saved but have not submitted, click the blue Unsubmitted button.

To find claims rejected by OHIP, click on the blue Rejected button. In Rejectedchoose All

Now, wait for the Billing Cycle to load the search results . . .

Billing Cycle Search Results

Red arrow menu

Editing a claim (editing one claim at a time):

  1. Find the red arrow on the rightmost side of a claim item.
  2. Hover over the red arrow and right-click on the Edit Claim command.
  3. A Right-Click will open a new tab.
  4. Edit the claim and Save it.
  5. Close ("X") the tab and return to Billing Cycle.

Saving a Rejected or Unsubmitted claim will reassign the Unsubmitted status to the claim.  

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