Booking appointments in a multi-doctor high-volume walk-in clinic

One-Click registration, Check-In, booking and billing a patient's appointment in a multi-doctor high-volume walk-in clinic?

In high-volume walk-in clinics, knowing in advance which doctor will attend to a patient is only sometimes possible.

That is why in HYPEMedical users can book a patient for an appointment, in a single click, under a generic "Walk-in doctor" from the Patient Profile. In addition, a user can force-bill "Walk-in doctor" appointments to a specific doctor in bulk. 

Appointment booking workflow for Walk-In:

  1. Enter a health number and version code, or swipe a health card
    In response, HYPEMedical loads patient's demographics from, OHIP's server, or its database.
  2. Front desk user completes or verifies address etc.
  3. Front desk user clicks the Walk-in command button.

And repeat

Register & schedule a patient without ever opening the appointment book!

One Click books an appointment

One Click to check-In, track or bill each appointment

Bulk billing generic doctor walk-in appointments, for each attending doctor: 

  1. Load the day's appointments on the Bill Appointments widget on the Home page.

  2. Group (check-mark) the appointments that belong to a particular doctor. 

  3. Click on Create Claims and lock 🔒 your doctor in the claim form as you bill in bulk.

*Originally published August 8, 2020
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