Save In Temporary Format" stores claim data instead of saving a claim, for completion at a later time.

What is Temporary Data & "Save In Temporary Format"?

Temporary Data are unsaved claims.

A user may partially enter a claim and "Save In Temporary Format".

"Save In Temporary Format" stores claim data instead of saving a claim, for completion at a later time.
To save an incomplete claim as Temporary Data, check "Save In Temporary Format" & hit Enter, or click Save.

Other Temporary Data sources are automated processes that create patient and claim records in HYPEMedical's database using flat files or an HL7 transactions stream.

As HYPEMedical attempts to make claims from the uploaded data, it runs validation checks.

Validation checks ensure data captured by an automated process has essential components, such as billing doctor and service codes, to create a payable claim.

HYPEMedical creates a Temporary Data record if an attempt to automatically generate a claim does not pass validation.

Access your Temporary Data on HYPEMedical's Home page.

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