How can I trace a particular claim throughout its life cycle?

The Claims' Audit Trail

How can I trace a particular claim throughout its life cycle?

HYPEMedical automatically keeps a trail of every event in each claim’s life cycle. HYPEMedical keeps detailed notes of who/what did what and when from the moment a claim is created. This historical record can be downloaded to excel and printed. 

The days of sifting thru old printouts of Error reports and RAs are over. Documentation over any dispute with OHIP or claim adjudication is a breeze with HYPEMedical. Claim details and audit trails are available with a click.

An audit trail follows a claim thru every event in its life cycle.

The Claim’s Details form is available from the Billing Cycle Results & the Patient Profile forms.

*Originally published August 8, 2020
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