Red Arrow - Editing and Managing single claim items in the Billing Cycle

Red Arrow - Editing and Managing single claim items in the Billing Cycle

. . . So Billing Cycle's search results loaded, now what?

HYPEMedical Version 1The red arrow's "mouse-hover" menu.

HYPEMedical Version 3: The red arrow's "mouse-hover" menu.

On most web browsers, an action will execute in a new tab with a right-click.

Instructions for HYPEMedical Version 1:

The red arrows' "mouse-hover" menu:

Edit Claim: Right-click Edit Claim to open the claim in a new tab. Saving the claim after editing assigns it the status of Unsubmitted, whether or not it was edited. 

Mark As Unsubmitted Changes the status of a claim from Submitted to Unsubmitted. A claim must have at least one item in the Unsubmitted status for HYPEMedical to resubmit to OHIP.

Submit Claim will submit an unsubmitted claim in a dedicated submission batch (not recommended in most instances). 

Mark As Paid will perform two actions. It will assign the Paid status to a claim and copy the amount in the Fee field to the Paid field. 

Mark As Closed will assign the Close status (write-off) to a claim item

Claim Details/Claim details PDF (right-click to open in a new tab) is

HYPEMedical's feature-rich claim editing and management interface. 

Patient Profile: Right-click to open a new tab for the patient's profile form.

Instuctions for the newly added red arrow comands in HYPEMedical version 3:

Mark Item as Refunded: Version 3 introduced a Refund feature for Direct claims. Mark item as refunded will subtract an amount paid privately, and create a printable refund record in your billing record. Many practices refund privately paid claims upon reimbursement by another payer such as OHIP.

Delete All Items and Claim is a mouthful for Delete. We thought it important to clearly articulate the command button's actions. 
An unreversible deletion of its entire claim record including all its other claim items (sevice codes, diagnostic codes, fees and so on).  While the audit trail holds on to the deleted claim's history,  no record of the deleted claim is available for editing on the User's Interface.

* Originally published May 16, 2020
Updated February 03, 2023

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