Eliminate stale dated OHIP claims.

What are Unresolved Claims?

Un-Resolved is an HYPEMedical tool designed to eliminate stale dated claims. 

HYPEMedical defines Un-Resolved as unpaid claims with a service date exceeding six weeks from the current date. The Un-Resolved report will alert you to outstanding claims where the service date is between six weeks and six months from the current date. Operationally these aged claim items are Unpaid or Partially Paid where the claim status is UnsubmittedSubmitted or Rejected

HYPEMedical's default operational definition for Un-Resolved claim items can be made to include all Claim Types.

Possible reasons for the existence of old unpaid (unresolved) claims may be:
  1. Recently created with a service date over six weeks
  2. Accidentally not processed by OHIP as would be expected
  3. Claims  were processed and paid but were not reported on an RA

Track your Unresolved report regularly, especially after every RA processing at the beginning of each month.
With Billing Cycle, edit the claims that require revision and mark the remaining unresolved claims as Unsubmitted. 

Edit or Mark As Unsubmitted in bulk or by individual claim.

Tracking previously resubmitted OHIP claims

As you track unresolved claims between revisions, resubmissions and rejections, separating the newly unresolved from the previously resubmitted unresolved claim items may become challenging.

How would you know if and when you resubmitted any unresolved claim items?

Fortunately, HYPEMedical's Billing Cycle makes tracking easy. Before clicking Find on your next "Unresolved" search, checkmark the Last Submitted Date column.

Checkmark the Last Submitted Date column.

The Last Submitted Date column.

*Originally published July 31, 2021

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