Inter-software data “Live-Streaming” – HL7

Inter-software data “Live-Streaming” – HL7

Inter-software data “Live-Streaming” – HL7

HYPEMedical can be switched-on to share its data with other software, in real-time. HYPEMedical can directly connect to other software and stay connected. This connection is enabled via the HL7 standard. 

The HL7 standard “live-streams” data back and forth among separate software seamlessly. Data entered into HYPEMedical becomes available in other software in the organization. Patient registration in HYPEMedical, for instance, within seconds is available in all diagnostic machines. While physicians’ notes, within diagnostic information software, becomes available to HYPEMedical to auto generate OHIP billing and claims. 

HL7 shares data in real-time, eliminating data inconsistencies between duplicate data entries between end user. 

Since 2012 HYPEMedical has integrated HL7 systems with IBM Watson Health Merge Eye-Care and RIS PACS, EYEMD_EMR, and others.

*Originally posted August 8, 2020
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