How do I track a Claim through Hype Medical?

How do I track a Claim through Hype Medical?

The HYPEMedical`s Billing Cycle tracks claims through four status’s

  1. UNSUBMITTED claims that have been saved by the user
  2. SUBMITTED claims that have been submitted for payment by the user to OHIP [as well as individual patients, or private companies/insurers
  3. REJECTED claims that were rejected by OHIP, partially or in whole…
  4. PAID claims are those that have successfully completed the Billing Cycle. This means that they are “outside” the billing cycle; no longer moving around the cycle.

There are two more non OHIP claims statuses in HYPEMedical that place the claim “outside” the billing cycle. The PAID BY USER and CLOSED BY USER statuses.The PAIDPAID BY USER and CLOSED statuses effectively “lock” claims out of the billing cycle. HYPEMedical considers these to be RESOLVED and without future income potential.

*Originally published May 26, 2020
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