How do I open up a day in the schedule?

How do I open up a day in the schedule?

HYPEMedical's easy appointment book is composed of several components. The best way to illustrate how the members interact is to look at the image below. 

Skip the Referring Doctors link.

  1. Setup: Enter the doctor(s) information.
  2. Locations: Enter the clinic(s)' business hours.
  3. Work Schedules: Enter the doctor(s) and staff's daily working hours.
  4. Location Schedule = (Locations X  Work Schedules). Combine the doctor(s) and staff's daily working hours with the clinic(s) business hours.

So, how does one open up a day in the schedule?
Opening a day is possible only within your Location ScheduleAdding more LocationsDoctors and working hours will be covered in later articles.
  1. Click on Location Schedule (above image).
  2. Enter the Start and End dates, choose a value from the Locations and Doctors pulldown menus, and click on Current Schedule (image below).

Open a day and schedule a doctor with the +

Choose the Doctor Profile, Location and Start and End times.
Select Booked, and Save.

That's it!

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