How do I bill OHIP?

How do I bill OHIP?


Billing OHIP:
Click the Claims button in the main menu, search for a patient, and hit Enter.
  1. Enter Service codes, and hit Enter.
  2. Search or create the next patient, hit Enter, and Go to step #2.

Saving a claim for a new patient will also automatically save a new patient record

A more comprehensive explanation . . . 

Click the Claims button in the main menu.
The Patient Search tab will load to search or create a patient for whom you wish to make a claim.

Next the Claims form's Patient Search tab will load:
Search by health card number to download a new patient's demographics directly from OHIP

  1. Search for a patient using any one or more parameters

  2. A numeric entry of more than 8 characters in the PID/Chart no. field will automatically move the cursor to the "Health card number" field.

  3. Similarly an alphanumeric entry will automatically move the cursor to the "Last Name" field.

  4. Use the Tab key to move to the next field.

Next, patient demographics and past billing history will load onto the Claim Edit tab:

In the “Claim Details” form (image above), you may use the Tab, Enter, and Arrow keys or mouse to navigate the form and fill in the boxes. Some boxes, such as that for Referring MD, will display a small arrow (▼) or 🔍. These are known as "Auto-Complete", “Combo” or “Pull-Down Boxes” that function to quickley select an entry. 

The Service Date and Admit Date boxes load a large monthly calendar. To select a date, click once in the service date field. 
HYPEMedical data selector; (months scroll) and (years scroll) <<   mmm yyyy   >> ]

Click on a day to select a date
Click on << or >> to scroll monthly
Click on the monthly date (February 2023) to scroll yearly

Choose multi in the Service Date box to select more than one date; this will generate the same service code record on multiple dates of service.

*Originally published July 28, 2019
Updated February 9, 2023

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