How can I find the claims that OHIP has rejected?

How can I find the claims that OHIP has rejected?

HYPEMedical automatically downloads and processes your OHIP reports. One of these reports, the Error Report, is automatically downloaded and processed by HYPEMedical. Processing the Error report flags claims with errors as Rejected Claims.

To find your Rejected claims:

  1. Hover over the Claims tab and choose Billing Cycle.
  2. Click the blue Rejected button.
      1. Rejected [All]: a search for all claims rejected by OHIP.
      2. Rejected [Error Report]: a search for claims rejected by OHIP via an Error Report.
      3. Rejected [RA]: a search for claims returned by OHIP via a Remittance Advice report.

A more comprehensive explanation:

HYPEMedical's Billing Cycle is a simple and powerful reporting tool, providing an interface for search and drill-down analysis of all your billing records.
HYPEMedical's Billing Cycle is simple for the beginner; Note its three basic quick searches for Unsubmitted, Submitted and Rejected claims. Yet HYPEMedical is a robust performer, empowering the user with many more search parameters, granular reports and access to each event in a claim's life cycle.

In addition, users can define custom data queries employing dozens of possible report column combinations. Each column represents values such as "Service date," "Service code," "Error file name," "Last submission date," "Created by… and.. Updated by user id," and more.

Users can define custom data queries employing dozens of possible report column combinations.

Visually build any search query with Billing Cycle's Advanced Search Options.
Popular Search Parameters
Service Based Search Parameters

Claim Based Search Parameters
Patient Based Search Parameters

HYPEMedical's Billing Cycle empowers users with all possible claim search parameters to exact granular reports.

*Originally published May 16, 2020
*Updated January 30, 2023

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