How do I group totals inside the RA file?

How do I group totals inside the RA file?

The RA file itself does not contain enough data to total different datasets. However, HYPEMedical can combine an RA file with data from its billing tables as a .csv download. The added data can filter the .csv file in MS Excel.

We knew that, eventually, users would need a report that we did not include in the original design of HYPEMedical. That is why .csv/MS-Excel downloads are available every time search results are displayed. The instructions below require access to HYPEMedical and a spreadsheet program like MS Excel, OpenOffice Calculator, WPS OfficeTools etc...  

Grouping RA data with MS-Excel: 
  1. Find the RA you need in Claims \ MCEDT Files \ Remittance Advice Files.
  2. Hover over the red arrow and select CSV [All Sections More Columns].
  3. Open the downloaded file in a spreadsheet (MS Excel) where you can sort, filter and even graph your RA's data. See movie below.

For intermediate MS Excel users:
A faster, more "advanced way" would be to create a Pivot Table with the data in MS Excel.
  1. High light all the columns as you have done above (movie) and choose the Pivot Table command button and click OK.
  2. Use the Pivot Table configuration panel (image to the right) to build an RA report of Submitted Amount and Paid Amount per doctor per clinic.

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