Efficient Billing Cycle Search In Two Hospitals

Efficient Billing Cycle Search In Two Hospitals

Periodically I need to search for my doctor’s past claims for a particular date period and hospital locations. What’s an efficient way to do that?

Have a look at the image below at how I would perform that in a single search.

  1. Set up the search parameters in Billing Cycle:

    Set the date range, choose the doctor profile or doctor provider number, and click Find.

  2. Refine the search in the Billing Cycle Results tab:

    In this example I used the filter element. I chose one facility number in the filter’s “Facility” search box and clicked on the PDF button. I repeated the same steps for another facility number in the filter’s “Facility” search box and clicked on the PDF button again. This resulted in two PDF reports of claims ,one per each hospital for the same date range.

*Originally published August 8, 2020

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