Dymo Label Printer 400/450 & 550 Setup & Troubleshooting For HYPEMedical

Dymo Label Printer 400/450 & 550 Setup & Troubleshooting For HYPEMedical

Enabling Dymo 400/450 & 550 for HYPEMedical 2.0, 3.0 & Hospital Edition

  1. Web Browser Compatibility
    Download and install the latest update of your web browser (preferably Firefox or Chrome).

      1. For Dymo's model 450, on Windows PC use version 8.7.4 or higher, or version 8.7.5 for Mac. 

      2. The new Dymo 550 model requires a differrent software package. For a PC with Windows OS 8.1 or higher use version 1.4.3,
        or version 1.4.3 for macOS 10.15 to higher

        On the Dymo 550 Label Printer, compatibility starts from Windows OS 8.1 or *compatibility starts from macOS 10.15 to higher.

  2. DYMO Label Web Service
    Dymos software installation includes Dymo’s Web Service. Dymo’s Web Service is a software that must run among the quick launch icons (Windows desktop bottom right by the clock) for Dymo 550 to receive the print job from the browser.

    In Windows OS, ensure that Dymo’s web service icon is among the quick launch icons.
    To troubleshoot, follow the steps in the image below: 

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