Can I build my own database queries in HYPE Medical?

Can I build my own database queries in HYPE Medical?

An Introduction to The Billing Cycle.

In the Billing Cycle, Queries are built visually by the user. The Billing Cycle offers the user two query-building components. In the first component, the user visually creates a search using most of the possible billing parameters. The second component allows the user to design the query's display results from a wide selection of available report columns.

Intro. to Basic Claim Searches

There are two panels dedicated to creating a search query. The first includes built-in searches for the new user. This first panel consists of all the basic searches a user will likely require. We will explore the second panel in another KB article.

The most basic searches a new user requires are available with the three blue buttons on the top left of the first panel.

  1. Unsubmitted: a search for all claims ready to be submitted to OHIP.
  2. Submitted: a search for all the claims submitted to OHIP, patients and 3rd parties. These claims are outstanding.
  3. Rejected:
    1. Rejected [All]: a search for claims rejected by OHIP that need revising and resubmitting.
    2. Rejected [Error Report]: a search for claims rejected by OHIP via an Error Report.
    3. Rejected [RA]: a search for claims returned by OHIP via a Remittance Advice report.

Intro. to Selecting Report Columns

The bottom green band contains a selection of report columns. Columns can be chosen by check-marking columns across three tabs (Service, Claim and Patient Based).

The green button at the bottom left is a tool for creating shortcuts for each one of the user-defined column selections. A primary selection of columns is available for the new user.

The Billing Cycle's 'Report Columns'; The Second Component to Building a Query.

*Originally published August 8, 2020

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