Auto Bill With Day-Sheet Uploads

Auto Bill With Day-Sheet Uploads

Stop duplicate data entries onto many separate or disconnected systems.

In addition to HYPEMedical‚Äôs powerful HL7 engine, users can utilize other, more traditional, data-sharing methods. These methods include XML and flat files (similar to MS Excel spreadsheets). These methods can share patient demographics alone or as appointments and billing data as file uploads between other systems and HYPEMedical. Your daily-patient-work-list file downloaded from Meditech can be uploaded to HYPEMedical, while patient and procedure data file downloads can be uploaded and automatically create claims.

Upload patient and billing data files (.CSV, DAT, TXT.) from another software into HYPEMedical to auto-create claims.

To create your flat file for uploads, use the above configuration.

*Originally published August 8, 2020
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