AT3 - Why was virtual ohip claim rejected with an AT3 ?

AT3 - Which service codes qualify as virtual codes with a K301A vs. a K300A?

Why is my claim rejected with an AT3 for billing A603A with a K301A?
A603A is not listed as a video only code in the section below. The tracking code that covers A603A is the Video or Telephone K301A.
An OHIP claim would include two service codes: an A602A and a K301A.
A service such as A603A may be rendered in a video format such as Zoom, however it is not listed as a Video Only code.

Eligible Comprehensive Virtual Care Services: (source Ontario Health Insurance Plan)
 Video or Telephone
= K301A
Video Only
= K300A
A001A, A007A, A008A, A013A, A014A, A020A, A023A, A024A, A033A, A034A, A043A, A044A, A051A, A053A, A054A, A058A, A063A, A064A, A071A, A073A, A074A, A078A, A083A, A084A, A093A, A094A, A113A, A131A, A133A, A134A, A138A, A151A, A153A, A154A, A158A, A161A, A163A, A164A, A168A, A173A, A174A, A181A, A183A, A184A, A188A, A193A, A194A, A203A, A204A, A221A, A233A, A234A, A243A, A244A, A261A, A262A, A263A, A264A, A283A, A284A, A310A, A311A, A313A, A318A, A338A, A340A, A341A, A343A, A348A, A353A, A354A, A411A, A413A, A414A, A418A, A441A, A443A, A444A, A448A, A461A, A463A, A464A, A468A, A471A, A473A, A474A, A478A, A480A, A481A, A483A, A484A, A488A, A510A, A511A, A570A, A601A, A603A, A604A, A608A, A611A, A613A, A614A, A618A, A621A, A623A, A624A, A628A, A632A, A633A, A638A, A643A, A644A, A661A, A760A, A917A, A920A, A927A, A937A, A947A, A957A, A967A, H313A, K002A, K003A, K004A, K005A, K007A, K008A, K010A, K012A, K013A, K014A, K015A, K016A, K019A, K020A, K022A, K023A, K024A, K025A, K028A, K029A, K030A, K033A, K037A, K039A, K040A, K041A, K044A, K122A, K123A, K140A, K141A, K142A, K143A, K144A, K195A, K196A, K197A, K198A, K203A, K204A, K205A, K206A, K208A, K209A, K222A, K623A, K680A, K887A, K888A, K889A, P005A
A010A, A011A, A015A, A016A, A025A, A026A, A035A, A036A, A045A, A046A, A050A, A055A, A056A, A065A, A066A, A075A, A076A, A085A, A086A, A095A, A096A, A130A, A135A, A136A, A150A, A155A, A156A, A160A, A165A, A166A, A175A, A176A, A180A, A185A, A186A, A190A, A191A, A192A, A195A, A196A, A197A, A198A, A205A, A206A, A220A, A223A, A225A, A226A, A235A, A236A, A245A, A246A, A253A, A255A, A256A, A260A, A265A, A266A, A275A, A285A, A286A, A315A, A316A, A325A, A335A, A345A, A346A, A355A, A356A, A365A, A375A, A385A, A395A, A400A, A405A, A415A, A416A, A425A, A435A, A445A, A446A, A460A, A465A, A466A, A470A, A475A, A476A, A485A, A486A, A515A, A525A, A545A, A565A, A575A, A586A, A590A, A595A, A600A, A605A, A606A, A615A, A616A, A625A, A626A, A635A, A636A, A645A, A646A, A655A, A662A, A665A, A667A, A675A, A680A, A682A, A695A, A735A, A745A, A765A, A770A, A775A, A795A, A800A, A801A, A802A, A814A, A817A, A818A, A835A, A845A, A865A, A906A, A913A, A914A, A921A, A935A, A945A, C010A, C013A, C014A, C015A, C016A, C020A, C023A, C024A, C025A, C026A, C033A, C034A, C035A, C036A, C043A, C044A, C045A, C046A, C051A, C053A, C054A, C055A, C063A, C064A, C065A, C066A, C071A, C073A, C074A, C075A, C076A, C083A, C084A, C085A, C086A, C093A, C094A, C095A, C096A, C113A, C130A, C131A, C133A, C134A, C135A, C136A, C150A, C151A, C153A, C154A, C155A, C156A, C160A, C161A, C163A, C164A, C165A, C166A, C173A, C174A, C175A, C176A, C180A, C181A, C183A, C184A, C185A, C186A, C190A, C193A, C194A, C196A, C203A, C204A, C205A, C206A, C220A, C223A, C225A, C226A, C233A, C234A, C235A, C236A, C243A, C244A, C245A,C246A, C255A, C260A, C263A, C264A, C265A, C266A, C275A, C283A, C285A, C286A, C311A, C313A, C314A, C315A, C316A, C325A, C335A, C341A, C343A, C344A, C345A, C346A, C353A, C354A, C355A, C356A, C365A, C375A, C385A, C395A, C411A, C413A, C414A, C415A, C416A, C425A, C435A, C441A, C443A, C444A, C445A, C446A, C460A, C461A, C463A, C464A, C465A, C466A, C470A, C471A, C473A, C474A, C475A, C476A, C480A, C481A, C483A, C484A, C485A, C486A, C510A, C511A, C515A, C545A, C565A, C570A, C575A, C585A, C586A, C590A, C595A, C600A, C601A, C603A, C604A, C605A, C606A, C611A, C613A, C614A, C615A, C616A, C623A, C624A, C625A, C626A, C635A, C643A, C644A, C645A, C646A, C655A, C661A, C662A, C665A, C667A, C675A, C680A, C682A, C695A, C735A, C745A, C760A, C765A, C770A, C775A, C795A, C845A, C865A, C895A, C935A, C945A, K630A, W025A, W026A, W075A, W076A, W130A, W150A, W155A, W156A, W165A, W185A, W190A, W196A, W235A, W236A, W275A, W310A, W355A, W356A, W375A, W395A, W425A, W435A, W465A, W466A, W510A, W511A, W515A, W516A, W535A, W770A, W775A, W795A, W895A